- a solution to Negative Energy Balance

Brand Name : ENERBOOST Powder

Composition :

Each Kg Provides :
Rumen Bypass Fat 150 gm
Rumen Bypass Protein 10 gm
Calcium Propionate 20 gm
Fermented Yeast Culture 50 gm
Available Calcium 15 gm
Mode of Action

Enerboost is an excellent combination of essential Rumen by pass Fat, By pass Protein, Calcium, and Yeast. In fact, the process or treatment to dietary protein to prevent from degradation in rumen is known as “By pass Protein Technology.” These protected meals (protein) are digested more efficiently in the small intestine and results into having extra protein for milk production. Therefore, feeding of Bypass protein plays valuable therapeutic role. Similarly, Calcium Propionate is a preferred compound as it causes less irritation and does not induce acidosis. At the same time, Propionate serves as a Glucose precursor. Thus, it helps in increasing both Calcium and Glucose levels. Similarly, Fermented Yeast Culture help in increasing Intestinal microbial flora and creating a favorable environment for improving digestion. Hence the combined effect of all these help in better absorption of all these essentials nutrients and help in meeting the increase demand of energy level during the period of pregnancy and lactation.

  • Attains High Energy Level During Transition Period
  • Increases Milk Production
  • Improves Fat Percentage
  • Improves the Quality of the Milk
  • Improves Body Condition Score
  • Increases Body Weight
  • Enhances Fertility Rate


Negative Energy Balance that results in

  • Decreased or No Milk Production
  • Reduced Fertility
  • Poor Pregnancy Rate
  • Extended Caving Interval
  • Metabolic Disorder – Ketosis or Milk Fever
  • Decreased Immune System

Recommended Dosage
  • Large Animal:
    100 gm Daily for 15 Days Before Calving
    100 gm Twice Daily for One Week after Calving
    100 gm Daily for Next Three Week
  • Small Animal:
    Half the dose

  • 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg & 20 Kg.


 - a solution to Negative Energy Balance