Simlage Bolus

- a comprehensive therapy in
Agalactia & Calcium Deficiency

Brand Name : Simlage Bolus

Composition :
Each bolus of Simlage contains:
Tribasic calcium phosphate 4.8 gm
Vitamin D3 10000 I.U
Vitamin B12 100 mcg
Vitamin E 25mg
Vitamin H (Biotin) 100 mcg
Magnesium 20 mg.
L-Lysine 125 mg.
Leptadaenia Reticuleta (Jivanti) 350 mg
Asperagous racemosus 2500 mg.
Mode of Action

Simlage Bolus is a wonderful combination of classical Vitamins, Minerals and time-tested Herbs that are responsible for the stimulation of mammary secretary cells resulting in secretion and production of milk. Similarly, Vitamin D3 helps in better absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus. At the same time, Herbs such as Shatavari and Jivanti act as Galactagogue. Hence the combined effect of all these classical Vitamins, Minerals and Time-tested Herbs helps immensely in the stimulation, secretion, and production of Calcium rich milk.

Simlage Bolus
  • Stimulates Milk Secretion
  • Increases Quantum of Milk
  • Helps in Attaining Peak Milk Yield
  • Provides Milk Production in Psychological Agalactia
  • Helps in faster Recovery from Metabolic Disorders like Milk Fever and Ketosis
  • Ensures Milk Production even in the Animals aborted in Last Trimester of Pregnancy.

  • Agalactia
  • Failure to Let–Down of Milk
  • Irregular or Suppressed Lactation
  • Metabolic disorders –Milk fever
  • Prolapse of Uterus and Vagina
  • Retention of Placenta
  • Premature Calving

Recommended Dosage
  • 1 Bolus Twice a day for 10 days

  • 1 Bolus strip
  • 20 Boluses in a box

Simlage Bolus

 - a comprehensive therapy in Agalactia & Calcium Deficiency