Digamax Bolus

- a powerful combination of Probiotic
in the treatment of Anorexia and Indigestion

Brand Name : Digamax Bolus

Composition :

Each Bolus Provides :
Live Yeast Culture 17.5 billion CFU
Bovizyme 500 mg
Propionibacterium freudenreichii 100 mg
Sea Flora 1000 mg
Mode of Action

Digamax Bolus is an excellent combination of probiotics and Sea flora. In fact, all the probiotics in Digamax Bolus facilitate synthesis and restoration of Intestinal microbial flora which helps in improvisation of Digestive System as a whole. At the same time, Sea flora, a rich source of Vitamins & Minerals helps in elimination of their deficiency. Hence the combined effect all the ingredients helps immensely in providing Vitamin & Minerals supplement and elimination of all digestive disorders, which helps enormously in increasing feed intake and improving in the overall health of the animal.


Digamax Bolus

  • Normalizes Rumen pH
  • Improves overall digestibility of feed
  • Provides Vitamin & Mineral supplements
  • Supports stable Immune System
  • Maximizes Energy capture
  • Stabilizes GI Tract health
  • Increases the production of Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA) in the Rumen

  • Recommended Dosage
    • Small Animals: 1/2 - 1 Bolus b.i.d.
    • Large Animals: 1 - 2 Bolus b.i.d.

    • 4 Bolus Strip

    Digamax Bolus

     - a powerful combination of probiotic
    in the treatment Of Anorexia and Indigestion.